Hama Video Transfert Scherm

 112,25 incl. btw.



  • For filming older films (e.g. S 8, N 8) without image distortion with a camcorder or camera with video function
  • Surface-reflective deflecting mirror for true-to-side images
  • Also for viewing slides without darkening a room: slide image is displayed on the screen
  • Easy to use: open the mirror up at an angle of 45° to the screen and direct the projector towards the mirror
  • The image is projected on the screen via the mirror and can easily be filmed
  • Can compactly be folded up

  • Model: Telescreen
  • Breedte Beeldscherm: 20 cm
  • Hoogte Beeldscherm: 20 cm
  • Kleur: Zwart

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