Xavax Versterkte Watertoevoerslang 2m 1stuk/ Blisterverpakking

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  • Extreme breaking strength, enormous flexibility and high flow volume
  • Offers the highest level of safety against water damage from washing machines, preparation equipment for drinking water or dishwasher connections (ice cube makers, boilers, side by side refrigerators, etc.)
  • Also ideal for extending permanently attached supply hoses with water stop devices
  • High-quality stainless steel wire braid
  • DVGW type test certificate: DW-0304BT0257
  • Approved as a hose line for drinking water installation (group I) with the DVGW tests W 543, W 270 and BGA KTW-A 0304, excellent microbiological purity and mechanical resistance certified

  • Nominale Diameter/mm 1: 3/4 (DN:20), 26,9mm
  • Nominale Diameter/mm 2: 3/4 (DN:20), 26,9mm
  • Type Aansluiting: Wartelmoer Gehoekt, Wartelmoer Recht
  • Burst Druk: 90 bar
  • Materiaal: Omvlechting van roestvrijstalen Draad
  • Max. Bedrijfstemperatuur: 10 bar
  • Temperatuur: 93 °C
  • Lengte: 2 m
  • Gebruiksdoel: Drinkwater Installaties/Vaatwasser
  • Service Product: Ja

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