Xavax Ontluchtingsslang Adapter Voor Droogmachines

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  • To adapt vent hoses for laundry dryers so that the vent hose fits perfectly
  • Fits all 102 mm vent hoses
  • Ideal for dryers with 100 mm connection
  • Can easily be inserted in wall sleeves or wall ducts
  • Allows the vent hose to be easily plugged on and off (advantageous if this one can only be mounted for drying)
  • Secure fit, no hose clip needed

    Note for Consumers:

  • The adapter is screwed on the vent hose and plugged into the dryer opening afterwards

  • Bedrijfstemperatuur: -5 °C tot + 80°C
  • Materiaal: Pvc
  • Diameter: 102 mm
  • Lengte: 0,2 m
  • Kleur: Wit
  • Gebruiksdoel: Droger/Home Ventilation Low-Pressure
  • Service Product: Nee

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